Italy: Stop "conversion therapies" now

It’s high time Italy bans dangerous “conversion therapies” for LGBT+ people.

So-called “conversion therapies” are one of the most atrocious forms of discrimination against LGBT+ people. 

It’s a barbaric practice that is based on the assumption that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people are sick and need to be "fixed". 

There's overwhelming evidence that these practices can be extremely traumatizing and can lead to increasing levels of anxiety, depression, and even suicide, especially among young people. 

Italy still allows these practices, despite attempts to ban them in the past. 

Just recently, Germany has partly banned “conversion therapies”, as have other countries before. The time has come for Italy to follow suit. 

Sign this petition to urge the Italian government to ban “conversion therapies” and their promotion.

This petition was first launched by Italian group Possibile LGBTI+ (see original version in Italian here).

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Goal: 5,000

To Italian Ministers Speranza (Health), Bonetti (Equal Opportunities), and Lamorgese (Home Affairs):

Dear Ministers Roberto Speranza, Elena Bonetti and Luciana Lamorgese, 

So-called "conversion therapies" are a violation of the dignity and human rights of LGBT+ people. 

They are based on the false assumption that being lesbian, gay, bi or trans is a mental illness that can be "cured". There's overwhelming evidence that these practices can be extremely traumatizing.

We urge you to follow Germany’s example and to pass a law banning "conversion therapies" and their promotion.

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Goal: 5,000