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All Out's new community empowers anyone, from anywhere around the world, to launch their own petition for LGBT+ rights.

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We never sell your data or the data or your signers. And we’re real people who can support you every step of the way.

This community is built for LGBT+ people and their allies. It’s run by LGBT+ people and their allies. It’s the only place in the world dedicated solely to citizen-run petitions for LGBT+ rights, created and supported by activists around the world.

Join thousands of others who want to put an end to hatred, bigotry, and violence against LGBT+ people in their community. Start your petition for LGBT+ rights today!

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Johnny Valkyrie


I am an emerging young leader in LGBTQIA+ activism in Australia. My reach is the most important thing to me in my work. All Out's platform and resources really helped! I look forward to hosting more petitions and working with you to improve the rights of LGBTQIA+ people globally.