EU: don’t leave your rainbow children stateless

Baby Sara stands for millions of children in the EU, who are refused ID documents, because Member States refuse to acknowledge rainbow families. The fight is almost won, but she needs your voice! Speak Up Now!

What would you do, if your home country refuses to grant your child citizenship just because she has two mothers?

This is not a drill. Hundreds of rainbow families face this nightmare scenario every year in the European Union, because their member state refuses to accept them as a real family. And the children are the ones who suffer.

To be precise in numbers, there are 130 000 rainbow families and 2 000 000 children in cross-border situations, which could be in the same situation as Baby Sara and can at any point be at risk of statelessness or at risk to be undocumented.

This is the story of a child who was left without citizenship by three countries that she has ties with. But Bulgaria is the only country which refuses to grant the citizenship, only because this Member State of the EU discriminates on rainbow families.

Baby Sara was born in 2019 in Spain in the family of Gibraltar-born mother and a Bulgarian mother. Her parents asked the Bulgarian authorities for a birth certificate, but were refused, because they do not accept same-sex partnerships. 

But this brave family decided to fight back. And it worked!

When they brought their case to the Court of Justice of the European Union, they paved the way for all rainbow families across the EU.

Even though this brave family won the case at EU level, and created equal opportunities for so many LGBTIQ+ families in the EU, Bulgaria still refuses to accept this judgement. 

On 1st of March 2023 the door for Sara for Bulgarian citizenship was forever closed by the Supreme Administrative Court of Bulgaria.

This is Urgent!

Now they need your help to fight this last hurdle. Because their country refuses to accept the judgement of the Grand Chamber of the Court of Justice of the EU, we need the European Commission to enforce their judgement.

Sign this petition now to pressure the European Commission to enforce equal rights for rainbow children EU-wide.

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To The European Commission:

"Everyone has the right to a nationality."

Article 15 of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The refusal of the Supreme Administrative Court of Bulgaria, to accept the judgment of the Grand Chamber of the Court of Justice of the EU, is a gross violation of the European values and the EU law, and universal human rights. 

Baby Sara must be granted citizenship immediately, and the European Commission must undertake actions against Member States such as Bulgaria in order to prevent further violations of the rights of rainbow families and to protect rainbow children everywhere. 

The European Commission must take immediate and consequent actions, now!

- We urge the European Commission to work on adopting the EC initiative for a regulation on mutual parenthood regulation.

- We urge the European Commission to start an infringement procedure against Bulgaria for breach of the EU law.

0people have signed
Goal: 20,000