PRIDES ask President Museveni of Uganda Please to NOT sign K

The Ugandan Parliament passed the new KILL THE GAYS BILL - Prides from around the world invite you to endorse our letter asking President Museveni not to attest to the Act,

Our Petition is a Letter to President Museveni: It talks about who we are as a LGBTQI+ community, noting we are not "deviants" as he suggests. Included in this plea, submitted by African Human Rights Coalition and endorsed by many Prides across the world, such as UGANDA PRIDE and SAN FRANCISCO PRIDE, we assert this plea:  "Please do not assent to the Anti-Homosexuality Bill for its most important reasons, to include that all Uganda’s people, like all people around the world are people created the same in the eyes of God. If there is sin, it is for God to judge and no one else. The greatest abhorrence and true crime against God will be committed by the stroke of your pen, Your Excellency, if you assent to imprison or to put Uganda’s people to death because of who they LOVE.  We are writing this to you, with much PRIDE."

PRIDES around the World represent millions of LGBTQI+ people, to include every continent and every country as well as African countries: This is endorsed by  - UGANDA PRIDE- Kasha Jacqueline Nabagaseru AFRICAN HUMAN RIGHTS COALITION - Melanie Nathan SAN FRANCISCO PRIDE – Suzanne Ford NEW YORK PRIDE – Sandra Perez, PRIDE OF AFRICA NPC – Kaye Ally, AFRICAN HUMAN RIGHTS AMBASSADORS – Ibrahim Mukiibi, JOHANNESBURG PRIDE – Nolene du Preez, SAN DIEGO PRIDE – Fernando Lopez, BOTSWANA PRIDE – Olivia Ntlame Maswikiti, CAPE TOWN PRIDE – Wentzel April, SOWETO PRIDE – Siphokazi Nombande SAN DIEGO PRIDE – Fernando Lopez and others...


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To President Yoweri Museveni and Ugandan Parliament:

Your Excellency President Museveni,

We are writing this to you, with much PRIDE. PRIDES around the World represent millions of LGBTQI+ people, to include every continent and every country as well as African countries.

LGBTQI+ people are good people. We are not abominations, nor Satanic.  We are not abnormal people.  All of these are descriptions by the Ugandan Parliamentarians attempting to justify the passage of the Anti-Homosexuality Act of 2023, now before you for assent. This law, as it stands, includes lengthy jail terms and the death penalty, as well as the untenable criminalization of children, who are unable by law to consent to sexual relations or contracts, yet you are criminalizing as if they are so capable.

Loving someone of the same gender is not a sex-act, nor a behavior, nor a lifestyle, and not a “vice.” It is a human relationship based on same-sex attraction, a sexuality. Homosexuality is not a Western export: Homophobia is the Western export, and your country has become the unfortunate cesspool of targeted misinformation, untruths, and flagrant lies.  We are not pedophiles, while there may be some among us as is the case with the heterosexual population. In fact by sheer numbers, there are many more heterosexual pedophiles – and yet Uganda does not criminalize their heterosexual relationships. The appropriate criminal codes do!

It makes no sense to criminalize and kill in the name of love. That is what you will be doing when you assent to the Ugandan Kill the Gays Bill.

We are CEO’s of major corporations, we are lawyers, doctors, scientists, nurses, teachers, professors, theologians, librarians, musicians, artists, athletes, salespeople, engineers, architects, entrepreneurs, pilots, judges, politicians, members of parliaments, congressmembers, U.S. senators, prime ministers, cabinet members, and even a president.

We go to the movies together, eat in restaurants together, enjoy concerts, sit at Xmas tables with our families. We go to church, synagogues, temples around the world where we are accepted. We raise children to be accomplished and productive members of society, and we grow old together. We are relationships, we are not sex-acts. We are not a lifestyle, and we defy culture. We are everyone.

We are imploring upon you, Your Excellency, to look at us and to SEE Uganda’s LGBTQI+ community as no different to ALL of US.

We are of right to love anyone of our choice, as long as we do not hurt anyone else. Defilement of a minor, pedophilia, rape, are all dealt with under criminal codes that do not ban our rights to relationships. Our consensual same-sex relationships do not hurt anyone else.

Your Excellency, we invite you to reconsider the idea which you are spreading, with violent consequences, that we are deviants, by looking at this world and truly seeing us for who we are.


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Goal: 1,000