The people of Poland deserve marriage equality!

7 out of 27 Member States in the European Union do not permit same-sex marriage. But all European Citizens deserve the same rights. Support our Polish LGBT+ siblings in their fight for marriage equality!

Let’s make Marriage Equality a reality for ALL EU members states by 2026!!!!

My name is Tara McDonald and in 2026, I will be singing the world pride anthem in Amsterdam, which is the same year The Netherlands will celebrate 25 years of marriage equality.

I believe all citizens of Europe deserve to be treated equally. This includes the EU wide recognition of marriage equality.

Poland is one of seven countries in the EU, where same-sex couple do not have the right to get married. 

LGBT+ citizens can join the armed forces in Poland, they can give blood, they have to pay taxes and obey the laws like everyone else - but they do not have the same rights and protection as their fellow citizens. That is not fair!

Marriage equality has such a deep impact on the LGBTQ+ community: equal rights for families, protection of children of rainbow families, pensions, and other civil and family rights.

A growing majority of Poles favour the legalization of same-sex civil partnerships or marriage, with almost two thirds now in favour, a new poll has shown.  Last year, Warsaw Pride drew over 80,000 people. 

Now is the time for action!

It's time for Poland to legalize same-sex marriage.





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Goal: 5,000

To Poland's Members of Parliament, the Senate, the President of the Republic:

The people of Poland deserve equal rights!

We demand, the recognition of same-sex partnerships and marriage equality in Poland!

We demand, the immediate drafting of a bill to allow and recognize same-sex partnerships by the Sejm, and it’s adoption. 


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Goal: 5,000