Egypt: Free Eman Al-Helw and Hossam Ahmad!

Eman and Hossam have been imprisoned in an underground cell for almost a year for criticizing the Egyptian government on social media.

Eman Al-Helw, an actress and human rights defender, and Hossam Ahmad, a trans man, were among more than 70 people arrested during a crackdown on online protests in the aftermath of a deadly train crash in Cairo.

Eman and Hossam have been held in detention with no date of trial for almost 12 months. Both are facing trumped-up charges and could be sent to prison for life – simply for peacefully expressing their opinions.

Because of their perceived "non-binarity", both were forced to undergo a full external physical examination and inspection of their genitals against their will. What's more, Ahmed is being held in a women’s cell at a police station and has faced harassment and bullying from other inmates and visitors. He has also been denied hormone therapy by Egyptian authorities since his arrest.

Please sign this petition and demand the immediate and unconditional release of Eman and Hossam.

This campaign is run by ANKH association.

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To the Egyptian Ministry of Interior and the General Prosecutor:

I am writing to you to express my concern over the detention of Eman Al-Helw and Hossam Ahmed who are facing numerous legal proceedings stemming solely from their peaceful activism. 

I respectfully ask you to: 

• Immediately and unconditionally release Eman Al-Helw and Hossam Ahmed and others detained under case 1739/2018 and drop all charges;

• Ensure that Eman and Hossam are treated adhering to the UN Body of Principles for the Protection of Detained Persons.

0people have signed
Goal: 5,000