Ending the LGBT+ Book Bans in Florida

Florida's politicians are working to erase LGBT+ identities, stories, and experiences from every part of public life - starting with children's books. But these books are often lifelines for queer kids! We must fight back.

Update – 1 June 2024:

Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis - one of the major proponents of Florida's crusade against LGBT+ rights - has signed into law an amendment limiting the number of books that can be banned by individuals. The administration is recognizing that many people were "abusing" their power. However, the dangerous anti-LGBT+ book ban is still in place and hundreds of important LGBT+ stories continue to be banned from Florida schools. 

Instead of signing an amendment that "limits" abuse of the book ban law, Florida must immediately end government censorship and erasure of LGBT+ lives.


School districts across Florida are working hard to ban any and all mention of LGBT+ lives from Florida’s schools. 

We cannot let this happen! 

Simple kids stories like “And Tango Makes Three” - a book about two male penguins who raised a baby chick – have been pulled from library shelves. And important coming of age books like “All Boys Aren’t Blue”.  

Overall, roughly 300 books have been banned. But the thing is these books are NOT required reading and are not in the classrooms.  They are in the library for OPTIONAL reading. Many of these books offer an important lifeline to young LGBT+ people who may have no other outlet. 

This is a coordinated effort by homophobic Governor Ron DeSantis and groups like Moms for Liberty. Even if you’re not a parent and don’t have kids in school, you should absolutely be concerned about this government-funded attempt to ban books, enforce censorship, and erase LGBT+ identities. 

All parents have the right to choose what they want their kids to learn and to read, but those choices shouldn’t impact all students across the state. 

We cannot allow these book bans to continue, because it’s a direct path of government censorship and erasure of LGBT+ lives - similar to laws passed in Russia and Hungary. 

Please sign this petition to show school boards in Florida (and across the country) that banning books and erasing LGBT+ stories is an unpopular decision that damages our community.

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To Manny Diaz Jr., Florida Commissioner of Education:

Florida’s book bans are a direct assault on LGBT+ equality and are putting at risk the lives of LGBT+ children who rely on access to LGBT+ inclusive media. None of the banned books listed here are actually required materials in any school district across Florida. So, it makes zero sense for them to be outright banned and pulled from school libraries. 

Having access to positive and inclusive portrayals of LGBT+ identities is crucial for so many kids who may be bullied, abused, or even disowned because of who they are or who they love. 

That’s why I’m asking you, Commissioner, to work school districts in Florida to reinstate the more than 300 books that already been banned; and to reject any efforts to ban additional books; and allow parents and individuals to make their own decisions on what they want to read.

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Goal: 50,000