Stop the Murder Music Legacy

Admiral T has been earning royalties for 20 years thanks to a homophobic song. Let's demand that Universal Music withdraw the offensive and dangerous track.

Music has the power to transcend borders, unite cultures and celebrate human diversity. Yet when it conveys hatred and intolerance, its impact can be profoundly harmful.

Admiral T, a well-known dancehall artist, first built his notoriety with several openly homophobic songs (Batty Boy Dead Now in 2001), (Makomè in 2001), (Brilé yo in 2001), (Bun pédophile 2004), before generating revenue over the past 20 years with one of the tracks that propelled him to the forefront of the West Indian music scene, namely Gwadada (2002).

In this song, gay people are presented as one of Guadeloupe's many scourges, on par with road deaths, unemployment and armed robberies of tourists.

However, this song is still referenced in the Universal Music Group catalog, through the AZ label, which is behind the second release of the Mozaïk Kréyòl album, in September 2004, featuring Gwadada.

We therefore urge Universal Music Group to take a stand against homophobia by removing this song from their catalog, along with others that may be damaging.

By doing so, Universal Music Group would be affirming its commitment to values of respect, inclusion and diversity, sending a clear signal that homophobia has no place in the music industry. We are at a turning point where the choice to promote love and acceptance or to perpetuate hatred and intolerance is in our hands.

Join us in this urgent call for change, by signing this petition.

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Olivier Nusse, CEO, Universal Music France (UMF)

We, the signatories of this petition, urge you to recognize the profoundly negative impact of Admiral T's homophobic songs - particularly Gwadada - on the LGBT+ community and on West Indian society as a whole.

We also ask you to take concrete steps to reject hate speech, by removing all songs from your catalog that are likely to undermine the respect of human dignity. This would demonstrate your firm commitment to human rights and send a strong signal against homophobia.

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Goal: 10,000