Help Get Baby Sofia Home to Ireland

Sofia, born into a rainbow family with Irish and Polish mums, is stuck in Spain because both countries refuse to give her citizenship.

Kashka and I got married in Ireland last year before going to Spain to give birth to Sofia. We chose Spain as her birthplace to ensure our names were on her birth certificate.

However, we’ve been unable to return to Ireland since because Ireland and Poland have denied Sofia citizenship. Ireland does not currently recognise me as Sofia's mother and  Kashka is not an Irish citizen. Poland refused because they do not recognise two mothers on a birth certificate, even though Sofia’s birth mother is Polish. We’ve applied for Spanish citizenship for Sofia, and are waiting to see if she will be accepted.

Now Sofia remains stateless and illegal in Spain, with no photo ID, she can’t access any public services, and is unable to travel anywhere with a hard border.

Why is it so hard for the Irish government to grant Sofia an Irish passport now?

Please, add your name and help us ask to #GetSofiaHome

This campaign is being run in conjunction with NELFA and LGBT Ireland.

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Goal: 5,000

To Charlie Flanagan, Minister for Justice and Equality; Simon Coveney, Minister for Foreign Affairs:

Dear Ministers Flanagan & Coveney,

Baby Sofia was born in Spain into a rainbow family with an Irish and Polish mum. But now the family is stuck in Spain because Ireland refuses to give her citizenship, even though this leaves her stateless.

We call on you to urgently grant Sofia Irish citizenship and issue an emergency passport to allow Sofia, and her mothers Kashka and Sinead, to return home to Ireland. 

Yours sincerely,



0people have signed
Goal: 5,000