Mondelez: Exit Russia & Support LGBT+ Rights

Mondelez, maker of Oreo, Cadbury, Clif Bars, etc, operates in Russia despite their anti-LGBT+ laws. Ask them to stand for equality and leave Russia.

Mondelez International, a U.S. company and producer of snacks and confections, including Cadbury, Oreo, Milka Chocolate, and Trident gum, operates in Russia despite the country's harsh anti-LGBT+ laws. Recently, these laws have intensified, criminalizing the so-called "international LGBT movement" and banning transgender identities. This hostile environment goes against the very values of diversity and inclusion that Mondelez claims to support, as evidenced by their high score on the HRC's Corporate Equality Index.

The impact of Mondelez's continued presence in Russia is twofold. Firstly, it financially supports a regime that actively suppresses LGBT+ rights, undermining the global struggle for equality. Secondly, it tarnishes Mondelez's reputation as a champion for workplace equality and diversity. 

What’s more, by doing business in Russia, Mondelez is ignoring the Business Advisory on Russia issued in February 2024 by the U.S. State Department, which warns businesses of the risks created by the Russian government’s passage of the “LGBT propaganda law” and suppression of trans people. 

As consumers and global citizens, we have the power to influence corporate behavior and insist that they align their operations with their professed values.

We call on Mondelez to immediately cease its operations in Russia and take a clear stance in support of LGBT+ rights. By signing this petition, you are not only standing in solidarity with the LGBT+ community in Russia but also holding Mondelez accountable to its purported commitment to equality and human rights.

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To Dirk Van de Put, CEO, Mondelez International:

Dear Mr. Dirk Van de Put,

As the CEO of Mondelez International, you have the power to uphold the company's commitment to diversity and inclusion. We urge Mondelez to halt its operations in Russia in light of the country's oppressive anti-LGBT+ laws. Your decision to continue business in Russia directly contradicts Mondelez's high score on the HRC's Corporate Equality Index and undermines the values you claim to champion.

By remaining in Russia, Mondelez is complicit in financially supporting a regime that has criminalized gender-affirming treatments and has designated the "international LGBT movement" as extremist. This stance is unacceptable for a company that prides itself on supporting LGBT+ rights.

We call on you to act with integrity and immediately withdraw Mondelez from the Russian market as a demonstration of true commitment to the human rights of LGBT+ individuals worldwide. Until Mondelez exits Russia, its reputation as a supporter of equality remains in question.

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Goal: 5,000