Uber: Respect LGBTQ families!

We are a married gay couple. An Uber driver reported us and our infant son to the police for child trafficking!

We’re demanding an apology from the driver and a public commitment from  Uber that they will educate their drivers to respect LGBTQ people and our families.

On Jan 29 at 1:30 AM my husband and I were woken up by armed San Diego police officers knocking on our hotel room door, demanding our IDs and that of our toddler. The Uber driver who dropped us at the hotel had reported us on suspicion of child trafficking - the same driver who had told us our crying baby needed his mother, and didn’t back down when we tried to explain that our son has two dads.

We repeatedly asked Uber for an apology from the driver and proof that the company is training its drivers to respect LGBTQ people and our families. Instead, Uber sent us a 10 dollar refund and referred us to its legal department’s Community Guidelines.

We had our son’s documents on us and the police treated us professionally, but the situation could have led to detention, separation, or worse. 

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To Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO, Uber:

On January 29, after dropping a gay family off at a San Diego hotel, one of your drivers called the police accusing the two men of trafficking their infant son.

Uber tells drivers to call the authorities if they suspect human trafficking, but offers no training on how to recognize and respect LGBTQ people and their families.

We demand that the driver apologize personally to the dads.

We demand that Uber, as a public sponsor of Pride events, immediately institute a program to educate all drivers on the needs of the LGBTQ people you serve.


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Goal: 5,000