Protect trans people during the lockdown

The Indian trans community is facing sheer abandonment during the lockdown. Result – no money, eviction from houses, and even starvation.

Due to lack of opportunities and extreme discrimination a sizable portion of the trans community in India, resort to begging in public spaces, asking for donations during festive occasions and/or sex work to earn a living. All these activities have taken a major hit during the lockdown.

A very large number of trans people don't have basic documentation to seek any services from the government. Thus, they remain outside government social security schemes, making it impossible to survive. 

Trans people have been excluded by most measures taken by the Central Government and state governments during this crisis. 

In a welfare state, vulnerable people shouldn't be seen from the prism of being a ‘numerically influential vote constituency’, but supported by virtue of being citizens and taxpayers, entitled to equal rights.

India must take appropriate measures to mitigate the serious impact of the lockdown on the livelihoods, food security and health of trans people across the country.

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To Ministers Nirmala Sitharaman, Finance, Thawar Chand Gehlot, Social Justice, Amit Shah, Home Affairs:

We call on you to:

Provide an assured subsistence income of at least Rs. 3,000/month to every trans person across the country, until the pandemic is in full control and situation returns to normalcy.

Universalize the Public Distribution System to ensure food security to all needy citizens including trans people.

Issue an order mandating that no trans person shall be forced to pay rent or face eviction by their landlords for non-payment of rent during the period of lockdown.

Ensure uninterrupted supply of all medication to trans people.

0people have signed
Goal: 1,000