In Burkina Faso, transgender people are proud contributors to the country's development. They are also victims of abuse and violence. The authorities must strengthen their commitment to protecting citizens from all forms of discrimination.

Both at the economic, cultural, and social levels, the numerous commitments of Burkinabe citizens contribute to the development of their country. This is the national pride on which the government's support and social protection are based. 

For several years now, various forms of violations and social exclusion have emerged from local behavior. The discrimination and violence are sometimes based on the sexual orientation and/or gender identity of certain Burkinabè citizens. 

Like the rest of the Burkinabè population, transgender people are proud contributors to the development of their country. Unfortunately, they are also one of the most marginalized groups, victims of mental abuse and physical violence that dehumanize their lives. Many of these abuses and violence are perpetrated by ordinary citizens in their surroundings if not their own families. 

In a situation where conversations about sexual orientation and gender identity remain a major taboo that normalizes these human rights violations, committing to change these realities remains an uphill battle. Thus, in order to support more contributions to the development of Burkina Faso and the free civic engagement of Burkinabè citizens, it is important to consider protection against all forms of discrimination and violence. The authorities must reinforce their commitment to protecting their citizens.

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To the Governor of the region Hauts-Bassins in Burkina Faso

In Burkina-Faso, sustainable development in all sectors of the country must be based on the good values of respect and inclusive collaboration of all. Recognizing the validity of each Burkinabè citizen goes without saying to amplify his or her capacities to do better. In Burkina-Faso, transgender people remain victims of abuse and violence that dehumanize their existence.

In your efforts to continue to ensure the development of Burkina Faso, we take this opportunity to point out how mental abuse and violence affect transgender people and sometimes their entire entourage. They are a social brake that limits the full potential of participation in development and citizen involvement. Thus, we ask: 

To recall the prohibition of discrimination and other forms of abusive violence. 

To involve the police and security authorities to guarantee the respect of this decision

To establish a national strategy for the promotion of inclusion  

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Goal: 10,000