UK must protect LGBT+ people in Poland

The UK must use our diplomatic relations with Poland to protect LGBT+ people and equal rights for all

More than 100 municipalities in Poland have declared themselves “LGBT-free zones”., implementing a dangerous policy that goes directly against democratic values of Equality and Diversity.

As a result, hate crimes, persecution, and hate speech have been increasing at a terrifying rate.

The UK has the responsibility to take action and to use our diplomatic relations to urge our counterparts in Poland to protect LGBT+ people.

The principle of equality and the prohibition of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is the fundament of rule of law and democratic values.

Add your signature below and we’ll send a letter to Dominic Raab and the All-Party Parliament Group on Poland on your behalf.

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To Dominic Raab and the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on Poland:

We ask you to commit to addressing the violations against existing treaties and to condemn the acts of violence and discrimination against Polish LGBT+ people.

We urge you to condemn recent events and place pressure on the government to reconsider their bigoted and dangerous stance by contacting your counterparts in Poland as well as in front of the European Commission. 

Excluding citizens from any society in the European family and outright discrimination is incompatible with rule of law and with the principles and provisions of European values.

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Goal: 5,000