End taxpayer support for gay conversion therapy

The Core Issues Trust offers harmful 'conversion therapy' to LGBT+ people. Sign to end its charitable status.

TV presenter Philip Schofield recently made the brave decision to come out as gay. He rightly received respect and admiration from across the country for his decision.

Mike Davidson, who runs 'gay cure' chairty Core Issues Trust, used the moment as an opportunity to tell the media that he should be celebrated just as much as Schofield for his Christian based 'conversion' from homosexuality!

Mr Davidson's organisation works with people who want to "free themselves" from what he calls "same sex attraction".

His approach is based on an assumption that being lesbian, gay, bi or trans is a mental illness that can be ‘cured’. His work is both unethical and harmful. In the UK, all major counselling and psychotherapy bodies, as well as the NHS, have concluded that conversion therapy is dangerous.

Core Issues Trust is registered as a UK Charity. This means that UK tax payers fork out 25p for every £1 that is donated to Mike Davison.

Sign the petition to end taxpayer support for Core Issues Trust!

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Goal: 20,000

To Chief Charity Commissioner, Nicole Lappin:

Dear Ms Lappin

Your guidelines state that, to maintain chartiable status, an organisation must pass a "public benefit" test. This includes avoiding "serious harm to the people the charity helps."

The Core Issues Trust is registered as a charity in Northern Ireland. Taxpayers support its work through Gift Aid. 

This organisation offers so called "conversion therapy" to LGBT+ people. This practice has been condemned by the NHS and many other professional bodies as dangerous and damaging.

We ask you to reconsider Core Issues Trust's charitable status.

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Goal: 20,000