Fellowship Foundation: Stop Exporting Hate

Take action to tell far-right group, the Fellowship Foundation, to stop supporting dangerous anti-LGBT+ campaigns in Africa.

In October 2023, U.S. State Representative Tim Walberg attended the Uganda prayer breakfast where, as the keynote speaker, he urged Uganda to stand behind its Anti-Homosexuality Act. The trip was funded by The Fellowship Foundation.

The Fellowship Foundation is a far-right group from the U.S. that has allegedly been involved in helping coordinate and support various anti-LGBT+ campaigns and laws around the globe - including in Africa.

In fact, the group has been linked by various investigations to Uganda's dangerous Anti-Homosexuality Act. Since being introduced, the act has had horrible consequences for LGBT+ people, as it includes punishments ranging from imprisonment to the death penalty. LGBT+ Ugandans, including those who are Christians, have been forced to live in constant fear of discrimination, violence and isolation. 

Incidences of people suspected of being LGBT+ being violently attacked have been on the rise. Is this what The Fellowship Foundation, an organization that states its purpose as encouraging people to “love God first” and “love your neighbor as yourself”, stands for?

Financially supporting trips to Africa that endorse discrimination and violence goes against the principles of love, compassion and inclusivity. 

Join us in calling for The Fellowship Foundation to be more transparent in its involvement in promoting anti-LGBT+ ideologies, and to stop funding trips to Africa that are a vehicle for the exporting of hate.



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To The Fellowship Foundation:

We would like to express concern regarding The Fellowship Foundation's financial support for trips to Africa that endorse and promote discrimination against LGBT+ people, some of whom are Christians. 

The recent trip by U.S. State Representative, Tim Walberg where he expressed support for Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act, is a clear example. The introduction of this law has led to violent attacks against LGBT+ people, attacks that you could be understood to be in support of by continuing to fund such trips. 

For this reason, we call on leadership at the Fellowship Foundation to commit to the following:

Please clarify the official view of the Fellowship Foundation regarding Uganda’s draconian “Anti-Homosexuality Act”.

To clarify the current and any previous relationship between the Fellowship Foundation and the National Prayer Breakfast Foundation, both in the U.S. and abroad.

Provide more information related to the Fellowship Foundation’s financial support - including funding the National Prayer Breakfast in Uganda - to organizations or political figures who have worked in support of passing Uganda’s AHA and similar legislation across the continent.

Cease all funding of travel to Africa to promote homophobia and any anti-LGBT+ legislation.

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Goal: 20,000