UK Government: No more delays! End "conversion therapy" now!

In 2018, the UK Government pledged to stamp out "gay cures". But since then, they have done nothing. Sign to demand action!

"Conversion therapy" or "gay cures" is the attempt to change someone's sexual orientation or gender identity. The practice has been described by professional bodies around the world as extremely harmful and even as torture. It often results in depression, drug addiction and suicide. Thousands of LGBT+ people in the UK are still subject to it each year.

The Conservative Government’s July 2018 LGBT+ Action Plan promised to end conversion therapy as a priority, with ministers at the time describing “gay cures” as “abuse of the worst kind”. Nothing happened.

In 2019, they promised a formal consultation. No consultation has ever been launched.

Now Equalities Minister Kemi Badenoch has stated that there is no immediate plan to change the law or to launch the promised consultation. She said it was "a very complex issue".

It is time to end the delays and excuses and to follow countries like Germany in banning this abusive and immoral practice!




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To Kemi Badenoch MP,:

Dear Ms Badenoch

In the 2018 LGBT Action Plan, the UK Government promised to end so-called "conversion therapies" in the UK.

One year later, a consultation was promised.

So far, absolutely nothing has happened.

Responsing to a written parliamentary question on May 18, you stated that there were no immediate plans to change the law and you made no mention of the promised consultation.

While the Government dithers, countless LGBT+ people are still subject to these appalling "treatments". 

Please legislate to end conversion therapy now!

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Goal: 20,000