The UK Goverment must reintroduce LGBTQ+ anti-bullying funds

Tell the Government to reconsider their choice to stop funding LGBTQ+ anti-bullying programmes.

Last week it was revealed that the UK Government has axed funding for vital LGBTQ+ anti-bullying programmes. 

These funds have been used for the last 6 years by schools to provide resources, training and workshops to tackle homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying.

Despite a manifesto pledge to continue to help teachers tackle bullying; despite the Department of Education just last week stating that “No child should have to experience bullying, in or out of school”; and despite the Government itself admitting that young people who identify as LGBTQ have a higher risk of bullying and long-term harm to their education, health and wellbeing, they have still chosen to cut funding.

We’re calling on the Government to reintroduce this funding and recommit to providing support and education to students and teachers on the issues that LGBTQ people face in the UK today. 

Stand with us and sign your name below.

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Goal: 8,000

To UK Government:

We urge you to reconsider your choice to stop funding LGBTQ+ anti-bullying programmes in schools. LGBTQ+ young people deserve to feel safe at school so they can learn and thrive, just like everyone else. 

These programmes are vital to ensure children are taught to respect one another, regardless of their sexuality or gender identity.

As a government, you have repeatedly committed to end bullying and to support LGBTQ+ people in the UK - keep your promise and reinstate the funding now.

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Goal: 8,000