Stop UK Aid money funding anti-LGBT+ groups overseas.

I was shocked to learn that UK aid money has been given to virulently anti LGBTQ groups such as the Inter Religious Council of Uganda to the tune of £134k. This is not good use of the aid budget or UK tax payers money!

I do not believe that UK Aid money should be going to groups overseas with an anti LGBTQ agenda.

In the case of Uganda this money may have played a part in the government there voting for extremely repressive laws against LGBTQ people.


The UK has made some progress towards equality for LGBTQ people so it seems entirely wrong and contradictory that we should be giving financial support to groups going in the other direction

I have also started a petition on the UK government petition website on the same subject.

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To The UK government:

Dear Rishi Sunak,

I was appalled to learn that £134k of UK Aid money was sent to the Inter Religious Council of Uganda which is a very anti LGBTQ organisation.

This may have contributed to the extreme laws recently passed there against LGBTQ people.

I believe most people in the UK are in favour of equality and fair play so this seems an entirely wrong use of tax payers money.


I am all for the UK using some money to help in constructive ways overseas through the Aid budget but I do not believe it should be given to groups who are working against the equality values which are enshrined in British law by promoting discrimination against LGBTQ people or other groups.


Please could the government look at distributing aid money in a way that reflects the best of British values and our laws about equality for all , for example the Equality Act 2014.


Thank you for your attention 


Kind regards 


Tarin Unwin 



0people have signed
Goal: 40,000