Anti-Trans Bill in Guatemala Must Be Stopped

Bill stigmatizes trans people and prevent children and adolescent's right to inclusive education and health

Guatemalan legislators have introduced a bill that seeks to define trans and non-binary identities as “disorders”, and seeks to criminalize all public debate on trans acceptance and rights.

The bill would effectively enact a “right to be cisgender”, seeking to hijack human rights language to disguise a shameful attack on those they consider different. The result of this bill would be a portrayal of all trans and non-binary individuals –adults or underage–, and any person or organization that comes out in their defense, as a threat to the rest of children.

The bill would impose sanctions on all individuals and organizations that use any materials that “promote or show” trans and non-binary identities, effectively restricting freedom of speech and association well beyond the scope of LGBT folks and their families.

This is not the first time Guatemala’s Congress has attacked the LGBT community. A previous bill sought to criminalize the promotion of sexual and reproductive rights, enact a ban on equal marriage – which is not currently legal in the country –, and prevent all promotion of LGBT-inclusive sex education in schools. 

Central America is among the most violent regions, and the attacks against trans individuals are on the rise. In this context, your voice can effectively contribute to saving lives! Take a stand and call Guatemalan politicians to stop this shameful bill that would deepen the stigma and discrimination that places trans children and teens in grave danger.

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To Congress of Guatemala:

Bill 59-40 invokes “protection” of children, when all it does is set one of the most vulnerable group among minors in danger: trans and non-binary children and youth.

Gender identity is a deeply personal and individual sense of a persons' own gender. How any person comes to identify themselves is an intimate, private journey, and should not be restricted by any form of outside pressure – not least an effort from the country’s top political leaders to regulate it.

By defining all trans identities as “disorders”, the bill would increase stigma and hate, directing them against a group among children and youth that already lack any form of protection towards their human rights.

Without social and legal recognition for all forms of gender identity, trans individuals will continue facing multiple forms of violence, as well as exclusion from education, health, and other basic rights.

We stand with the trans and non-binary children and youth of Guatemala. Therefore, we demand:

- To Guatemala’s Congress: Put an end to this bill that would further the stigma and discrimination against trans and non-binary minors;

- To Guatemala’s President: To refrain from sanctioning it, if it comes to be approved by the legislature;

- All Branches of Guatemala’s Government: To recognize their duty to protect and uphold the rights of trans and non-binary individuals, beginning with the explicit recognition of right to gender identity, a basic enabler of trans individuals’ citizenship which is currently denied to them;


0people have signed
Goal: 20,000