Decriminalise Same Sex Intimacy in eSwatini!

My love is illegal. My human rights are violated. My full citizenship of my country is denied.

The ‘crime’ of sodomy criminalises same-sex acts in eSwatini. Those suspected of the offense are liable to arrest without a warrant. Though not applied in recent history, the law is used to deny human rights and related services to LGBTIQ  people like me in eSwatini.

The ongoing criminalisation of our LGBTIQ community fuels the prejudice, stigma, discrimination and violation that we regularly experience. In a 2019 study over 30% of LGBTIQ persons reported having been denied healthcare services, 50% said they were survivors of sexual violence and 26% said they had attempted to take their own life.

Change has only ever come when the hand of the powerful is forced. This outdated common law offence hangs like a sword above the heads of LGBTIQ people who live in fear of arrest.

Help us bring this important matter to light by signing this petition, urging the government to repeal the common law offence of sodomy.



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Goal: 30,000

To Ministry of Justice of The Kingdom of Eswatini (Attorney General):

LGBTIQ citizens experience multi-sectoral discrimination. The health sector, judiciary bodies and legislators, law enforcement officials, are all ill-equipped to respond to the needs of the LGBTIQ citizens, and are complicit in discrimination.

This discrimination is propelled by the common law offence of sodomy. We refer to the offences of sodomy and unnatural sexual offences collectively “the Common Law Offences."

Uphold the country’s commitment to UPR Rec. 110,13. Decriminalize same-sex relation.

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Goal: 30,000