Anti-LGBT+ hate has no place in London!

Anti LGBT+ preacher, Franklin Graham, wants to spread hatred and division at the massive O2 stadium in London. Together, we can stop him!

US preacher Franklin Graham travels around the world telling tens of thousands of people that Satan runs the LGBT+ movement.

He persuades audiences that LGBT+ people don't deserve to have families.

He stands on stages in huge arenas warning people of the consequences of being gay, threatening impressionable young people with the "flames of hell".

In short, he spends a lot of time and money telling the world that our love is a sin and encouraging those who want to hurt us.


He is due to appear next year at the 20,000 capacity O2 Arena in London.

If enough of us act quickly, we still have time to pressure the management of the O2 to cancel this hate event. They haven't started selling tickets or promoting the event yet, but we need to act quickly.

Let's send a clear message to this US hate monger that he is not welcome in London or the UK!


Update – 28 January, 2020: Good news! The O2 Arena has made clear the event will not be happening at their venue. A venue in Liverpool banned him, too. Now, let's make sure Glasgow, Newcastle, Sheffield, Milton Keynes, Cardiff, and Birmingham – the other cities on Graham's 2020 UK tour – follow suit. Thanks to everyone for signing my petition!

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Goal: 10,000

To Alex Hill, Chief Executive and President of AEG Europe:

Dear Mr Hill

Franklin Graham is due to appear at the O2 Arena in 2020.

Graham is a hate preacher. His message is deeply divisive, encourages violence has been condemned by UK Christian leaders.

London is a proudly diverse city and the O2 should not be a venue that amplifies and facilitates hate.

We call on you to send a clear signal that AEG takes LGBT+ equality seriously and to cancel Franklin Graham's event at the O2 Arena.

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Goal: 10,000