Help Lauge see his mother again!

The 4-year-old boy is not allowed to see his Danish mum anymore – just because Bulgaria doesn’t recognise same-sex motherhood.

Lauge has two mothers who raised him from his birth in late 2015 They got divorced a year later but continued to take care of him together, as both are – until today – legal parents in Denmark

In summer 2017 Lauge’s biological mother moved with him to her home country Bulgaria, without permission and knowledge of the Danish mum. The latter was even erased from the joint birth certificate because Bulgaria doesn’t recognise non-biological mothers as legal parents. It’s been almost three years now since Lauge was able to see his second mother

In the meantime, his Danish mum tried everything to get him back or, at least, to visit him regularly. But several lawsuits in Bulgaria were unsuccessful. Lauge remains with his biological mother. His Danish mum wasn’t granted with parenthood rights because this would contradict the main principles of the Bulgarian law

Lauge still gets alimony from his mother in Dk but is deprived of his right to see her again

Partners of this campaign are NELFA and Deystvie.




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To Ms. Helena Dalli, EU Commissioner for Equality, and Members of the European Parliament:

4-year-old Lauge has lost his right to see me – because Bulgaria doesn’t recognise the legal ties between us

I call on you to find a sustainable solution requiring recognition of civil status documents (marriage, birth certificates, etc.)  issued in any Member State – as valid for all purposes of national law

No one should get into such an ugly situation again. Every family should continue to exist when moving from one EU country to another!

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Goal: 500