In Senegal, we want the same rights for all

In the face of rampant homophobia, a group denounces the absence of the rule of law in Senegal, calling for the respect of human rights for all.

We are a group of Senegalese human rights activists and we want Senegal to become an inclusive country based on the rule of law, to embark on a path of social development.

We denounce the regression taking place in our country, which uses the pretext of the Islamic religion to plunge a fringe of the Senegalese nation into fear, leaving them under the influence of religious leaders, who pursue their goals of power and political control over the population.

We denounce a misleading narrative that uses nationalist and anti-colonialist rhetoric to cover up human rights violations against homosexuals, talibés, albinos or women.

We demand that laws be enforced in Senegal by a strong and independent judiciary, away from the interference of the marabouts who implement a parallel, personal and arbitrary justice based on their own political interests.

We demand that paramilitary forces, such as Safyatoul Haman, funded by the marabouts in Touba or elsewhere in Senegal, be disbanded without delay, as they have no legality, nor any popular political legitimacy.

We call for the prosecution of all organizations that, like JAMRA, promote incitement to hatred and violence against other Senegalese.

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Goal: 10,000

To: Mr. President of the Republic of Senegal, Macky SALL.

We, a group of Senegalese activists, demand the right to live free of discrimination and intimidation for all.

We demand the right to live in a just and modern society where access to justice and free secular education can be a vector of fulfillment and security for everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or social background.

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Goal: 10,000