Stop “conversion therapies” in Colombia

Horrible practices that seek to “cure” LGBT+ people are still silently happening in Colombia and are leaving victims with permanent psychological damage. Now there’s an opportunity to prohibit them in Colombia and we need your help.

It might be surprising, but “gay cures” are still happening in many parts of the world, including Colombia. This term – also known as “conversion therapies” – groups a series of harmful practices used as an attempt to change a person’s gender identity or sexual orientation. They might include abusive psychotherapy, electroshocks, exorcisms, and even “corrective” sexual abuse.

These forms of torture have been around for a long time. They happen in different places, like clinics, therapy practices, and religious cults, making them hard to track and denounce. 

After receiving several testimonials of “gay cures” victims in Colombia, All Out partnered with Volcánicas – an independent media platform – to investigate more about these practices in the country. The result is a media story that put in evidence that LGBT+ people should be urgently protected from "conversion therapies" with strict laws. The victims affirmed that attending these “therapies” left them with severe psychological damage such as permanent anxiety, depression, and even suicidal ideation.

However, changing a person's sexual orientation or gender identity is impossible. Being gay, bisexual, lesbian transgender, or nonbinary – part of the LGBT+ community – is just another part of our beautiful human diversity. And it can only be determined by the individual, and by no one else.

Global organizations such as the World Health Organization and the American Psychological Association have strongly opposed “gay cures,” but most governments have failed to listen, as only a handful of countries have laws against these practices.

The cruel practice of "conversion therapies" in Colombia is a problem that only the Colombian government can solve. We need to join our voices and speak up to stop this form of torture.

Sign the petition to demand the Colombian government to pass a law that bans these practices in Colombia!

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The Congress and House or Representatives of Colombia

Introduce a bill that will protect LGBT+ people from any kind of "conversion therapy."

There is strong evidence that confirms that any attempt to "change" a person's sexual orientation or gender identity is a human rights violation.

Now that we know that these cruel "treatments" are still happening in Colombia, we must ask the government to act and protect LGBT+ people from being victims of "conversion therapies."

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Goal: 50,000