Call Me By My Name

It is time for American financial institutions to finally start addressing transgender people by their chosen name.

In a survey, one third of individuals who presented bank cards or other ID with a name or gender that did not match their presentation reported harassment, denial of service or even physical attack.

There is a really simple solution to this. It provides dignity, recognition and respect to everyone: the right to choose your name on your banking card.

It harms nobody, and does not increase the risk of fraud. Banks who spend millions advertising to LGBT+ communities could redirect some of those funds to implementing this change.

And it needs to go beyond names on cards. Banks can improve support to transgender customers by ensuring that their chosen name is used at every touchpoint, whether that’s a customer service phone line, statements or the welcome screen on an app.

Daylight, the National Center for Transgender Equality and All Out have joined forces to call on all American Financial Institutions to develop an action plan to support trans and non-binary customers.

Add your voice to this open call by signing the petition.

This change is long overdue. It is simple. It is the decent thing to do. 

Let’s stand in allyship with our trans siblings as they ask American banks to #CallMeByMyName.

This campaign is being run in conjunction with the National Center for Transgender Equality and Daylight.

Daylight is the first and only digital banking platform in the US designed by the LGBT+ community for the LGBT+ community. We were founded by queer Gen Z and Millennials to solve problems we’re experiencing every day – it's more than just rainbows on cards, we’re here to grow the queer economy and help you live a fulfilling future faster.

Daylight is a proud supporter of the Call Me By My Name campaign because we believe other banks can do better. At Daylight, trans and non-binary customers can order a card in their name irrespective of what their ID says - this is fast, seamless and free of charge. Find out more at and enter the code "AllOut" (US residents only). For every US resident that creates a Daylight account via the Call Me By My Name campaign, we’ll be making a donation directly to All Out.

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Rob Nichols, president and CEO, American Bankers Association

Dear Mr Nichols

We acknowledge the improvements already made by the US banking industry to improve inclusive customer service for transgender and non-binary customers. 

We now call on you to take the next steps by encouraging ABA members to redirect a portion of Pride advertising spend towards developing publicly available action plans that outline how financial services currently exclude trans and non binary customers and what the organisations plan to do about it. 

These action plans should be developed and published by December 31, 2021 and include, as a minimum:

• Steps to enable trans and non-binary customers to update their name and gender identity free of charge and without needing permission from a doctor, a judge or a notary.

• Steps to recognize trans and non-binary customers by their true gender identity and name across every service touchpoint, including customer communications, customer contact centers, statements and cards.

0people have signed
Goal: 5,000