Japan: Equality Act Before Tokyo Olympics

Japan’s government must introduce legislation to protect LGBT+ people from discrimination before the Olympics.

In July 2021, the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games are set to begin in Tokyo, Japan.

But Japan is not ready to host the Olympics, because it doesn’t have any national legislation protecting LGBT+ people from discrimination.

The Olympic Charter bans “discrimination of any kind,” including on the grounds of sexual orientation. And while the Tokyo Metropolitan Government adopted an ordinance that protects LGBT+ people from discrimination in 2018, several Olympic competitions will take place outside of Tokyo.

This means, LGBT+ fans, athletes, officials and visitors in these regions will not be protected from discrimination.

That’s why All Out is joining Human Rights Watch, Athlete Ally, and the Japan Alliance for LGBT Legislation (J-ALL) in urging the Japanese government to pass the Equality Act, a national anti-discrimination bill, to ensure equal rights and protections for LGBT+ people.

The Olympics are a once-in-a-generation moment to achieve equality. Sign to show your support for the Equality Act today.

This campaign is being run in conjunction with Human Rights Watch, Athlete Ally and Japan Alliance for LGBT Legislation


Update: In late June 2021, the last legislative session in Japan closed without submitting the proposed bill for the protection against discrimination based on sexual and gender identity.

The legislation was supposed to be a first step toward equality. Instead, the discussions and dismissal around it revealed once again the strong opposition to LGBT+ rights by conservative lawmakers.

It was, however, a historic moment in Japans LGBT+ movement. Never before, have such a wide range of national and international voices come together, to call for an end to discrimination.

Update: On March 25, 2021, our partners at J-All and Human Rights Watch met with leaders of seven political parties in Tokyo to deliver the combined 106,250 signatures from All Out and Human Rights Watch and to discuss the swift introduction of an LGBT+ anti-discrimination law in Japan.

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Goal: 70,000

Leaders of all Political Parties in Japan

Japan’s lack of protection for LGBT+ people fails to meet the requirements of the Olympic Charter, Olympic Agenda 2020 or human rights standards.

We call on you to introduce and enact legislation to protect LGBT+ people from discrimination before the Olympics. It’s time for the Equality Act!

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Goal: 70,000