Ban “conversion therapies” across the EU!

The EU Commission has a responsibility to act against “conversion therapies” and push Member States to make them illegal.

Update – 12 November 2020: The European Commission has published its first-ever LGBTIQ Equality Strategy committing to foster member states’ exchange of good practices to end “conversion therapies.” Let’s dial up the pressure to make sure this commitment translates into action as soon as possible.


So-called “conversion therapies” seek to change someone’s sexual orientation, gender identity and/or gender expression.

There is no way to classify these practices other than torture. LGBT+ youth are particularly vulnerable. Research shows that it is practiced in over 69 countries worldwide, including EU Member States.

The European Parliament, the UN, and every mainstream medical and mental health organization have condemned these practices. The science is clear. “Gay cures” causes severe physical and psychological suffering.

Currently, only Germany, Malta, and some parts of Spain have banned these practices. Other EU Member States like France are planning to do so. However, as several Member States are not considering adopting such legislation in the near future, the EU Commission has a responsibility to act.

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Goal: 60,000

Commission Vice-President, Values and Transparency, Věra Jourová, Commissioner for Equality, Helena Dalli, and Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, Stella Kyriakides

So-called “conversion therapy” is widely considered to be a cruel, inhumane, and degrading treatment that clearly amounts to torture.

Taking into consideration the EU’s competence on public health, freedom, security and justice, the Commission has a responsibility to act on this matter.

We call on you either to initiate a legislative proposal setting in place an EU-wide ban on any form of “conversion therapy” or to provide coordinated assistance to Member States so that they provide concrete legal responses to ban these harmful practices.

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Goal: 60,000