Germany: Don't send me back to Nigeria

Efe had to flee Nigeria when his partner was killed during a homophobic attack. Now German authorities want to send him back to danger.

Efe's old life ended the day he and his boyfriend were attacked by thugs in the streets of their hometown. His partner was killed. 

Instead of bringing the attackers to justice, the police issued an arrest warrant against him, because it's illegal to be gay in Nigeria. To make things even worse, his partner's family started looking for him, seeking revenge for his partner's death.

He ran away, fearing for his life. After a long and horrifying journey, he ended up in Germany where he felt safe for the first time. 

But the nightmare isn't over yet: German authorities want to send Efe back. 

German activists are working with his lawyer to make them reconsider but they don't seem to listen. 

Please sign Efe's petition and help get the word out about his story.


This campaign is being run in conjunction with the Queer Refugees Network Leipzig (QRNL) and RosaLinde Leipzig e.V.

(Please note: The image is for illustration purpose only and does not show Efe for security reasons.)


Update: On 26th May 2020 after renewed examination, the negative asylum decision of Efe was revoked by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees and a national deportation ban was granted.

Update: On 10. January 2020 our German partners handed over the signatures to the German authorities. press release (in German)

Thanks to everyone who signed the petition, Efe might have a chance to start a new life in safety and dignity in Germany. We’ll keep you posted about the case.

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Goal: 40,000

To: German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees

Efe could be sent back to Nigeria, where being gay is illegal and he's facing an arrest warrant because of his sexual orientation. Before leaving Efe was also getting death threats. 

I'm urging you to keep him safe, not send him back to Nigeria, and acknowledge the dangers for LGBT+ people from Nigeria and other countries with anti-LGBT+ laws in your future decisions on asylum requests.

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Goal: 40,000