Sweden: Keep LGBT+ Refugees Safe

Many asylum seekers in Sweden are put through degrading processes to "prove" they are LGBT+. Many are sent straight back into danger.

It's easy for authorities to ignore single requests for asylum. But if thousands of us call out the flaws of the Swedish asylum process, they will have to change their ways.

Sign the petition demanding that Sweden fixes its rules for LGBT+ asylum seekers.

Here's just a few testimonies from people impacted by this broken system:

"I was terrified to tell authorities who I am and during the interview, I panicked and burst into tears. They didn't even stop for a second and told me I could go to [other places in] Russia to avoid persecution in Chechnya." – Hava, 23, from Chechnya.

"When my father found out I’m gay, he poured boiling water all over me. I showed the authorities photos of the scars I still have, but they said they can't know for sure where I got them from." – Azad, 24, from Iraq.

"They asked me embarrassing questions and gave me a terrible interpreter. Now I could be deported any day. If officers in Iran find out I’m Christian, gay or that I tried to seek asylum, they will simply execute me." – Mehdi, 19, from Iran.

"When I got to Sweden I didn't even know how to describe who I am. I told the authorities I fell in love with a boy when I was 11, but they don't believe I'm gay." – Ali, 19, from Afghanistan.

"They want to send me back to Afghanistan. They don't think it's dangerous for me... I will just have to hide who I am for the rest of my life." – Shams, 20, Afghanistan.

This campaign is being run in partnership with (RFSL).

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Goal: 20,000

To: Morgan Johansson, Justice Minister of Sweden, and Mikael Ribbenvik Director General of the Swedish Migration Agency.

There are many LGBT+ refugees in Sweden whose asylum appeals were rejected. Research shows that more than 20% of these decisions were wrong.

Questions asked in the interviews often violate the asylum seekers’ privacy, which is a violation of European regulations. Bad interpreters cause misunderstandings leading to false assumptions.

We urge you to fix the asylum process for LGBT+ people and implement better training for migration staff working on LGBT+ asylum cases. 

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Goal: 20,000